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Bread for the Persecuted Church

They asked, and He brought them quail, and satisfied them with the bread of heaven.” *Friends from Colorado Springs, Pat and Sylvia, shared about a joyful meeting in their home recently with a pastor and his wife from Asia. Their visit inspired memories of a time in the 1990’s when Pat and Sylvia made a business trip to China with Pat’s company. But while there, Pat and Sylvia were also about God’s business. Before leaving, they felt impressed by the Lord to carry in Bibles, “bread” for God’s children. The first Chinese study Bible had just come off the press and contacts from the area to which they would be traveling requested that Pat and Sylvia bring “the spiritual bread” with them.Now, the couple probably didn’t realize that they would be given a large trunk load of Bibles.When faced with the customs official at the airport, they knew that they were in a dangerous situation. In fact, the security was so tight that soldiers armed with machine guns lined the jetway when they disemb…

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